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Jason Baker:


Guildford's Professional drum teacher and drummer.


Jason Baker is a drum teacher and drummer based in Farncombe two miles south of Guildford Surrey helping drummers since 1990.


Jason has a reputation for a vast knowledge and excellent teaching methods- a good choice when it comes to drum lessons.


Throughout his career Jason has performed with many musicians in varied situations and venues across the UK and Europe, always finding time to help promote the art of drumming.


"Having made music with Jason for some time, I’ve found that the breadth and depth of Jason’s knowledge, not only in terms of drums but music in general is amazing.  He’s got excellent facilities for drum tuition, which is rare, and as a music tutor myself, I’d certainly recommend him to anyone looking to take up the drums, or to any playing looking to improve on what they have already accomplished."

- Tom McCarthy


- - - - -

"Jason Baker combines technique and intelligence to attain the perfect groove, always stylistically aware and flawlessly played.  He approaches teaching with the same mindset, adding patience and humour in equal measure. Rowan Newman-Storaker, Guitar and Bass player/teacher"


- Rowan Storaker


- - - - -

"I have known Jason Baker as a local musician since 1995. He had been performing and teaching throughout this time. I have had the good fortune to perform alongside him on many ocassions and in varying situations. He always proved himself to be reliable, professional and friendly to work alongside.   He is also the first drum tutor I recommend, from my business here in Godalming. Jason has always showed himself to be honest, conscientious and dependable and I am happy to provide this reference."

- Ben Fleetcroft, proprietor, Fleetcroft Guitars


- - - - -

"I am very happy with the drum tuition I've had from Jason over the last 5years, his standard of playing and teaching is exceptionally good. When I started I was looking for a teacher to improve my playing within bands, and also for my home recording projects. Now I can hear a vast improvement in all areas of my playing, and my band and recordings sound a lot tighter now. I've learnt everything from the basics in keeping the groove to stretching out into more complex styles and improvisation. Jason can offer expertise in all genres from rock to jazz, and has helped me tackle tricky parts of songs I've wanted to learn. He is enthusiastic and we often go through things that are outside my comfort zone, in a friendly manner which yields great results over time. His studio offers a good environment to learn in, and I play alongside him as he has 2 drum-kits, and this works well. Jason offers flexible schedules, and I have been doing lessons over a longer period every 2/3 weeks, as although I am much better player now, I am inspired by the lessons and want to get even better. I would recommend lessons with Jason for anyone who wants to improve their drumming - from beginners, intermediate and even for the more experienced player, you will learn not only technical aspects but also playing within a band and being musical."


- Paul Lepki

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