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Jason Baker was born in August 1972 in Guildford Surrey to Mildred Baker, a professional school teacher and Raymond Baker a building company manager and semi-professional drummer.


My early recollections of my father are listening to him playing the drums and trying to emulate the rhythms, I was encouraged to play the drums from a young age and this has remained a life long passion. I have fond memories of learning the drumming rudiments on a snare drum and playing along to my favourite bands of the time. I later studied with two drummers, Neil Marshall and Ron Parry a professional jazz drummer and of course always having my dad around there was a lesson every day on the drums!


My drumming career started at 17 playing with local pub and club musicians and helping out by sitting in for other drummers in as many bands as I could. I soon found myself playing with signed bands Chicane, Mandragora, and began touring the UK University scene and onto Europe - Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Germany, playing the club scene.

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I’ve had many projects over the years with various artists leading to a multitude of gigs and places in some of the top venues including Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Soho. A spell in London saw me involved in more work taking whatever came my way and running my own bands playing in clubs, hotels and restaurants, to the more familiar circuit of weddings, summer balls and corporate parties.


I have always found time to teach and help drummers along the way whether that be in schools (Charterhouse Public School) or at my own rehearsal studio.


I am dedicated to playing with other bands performing different music and teaching constantly exploring new techniques and styles and incorporating this knowledge into my teaching and this is what makes drumming a fascinating subject.

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